Radscan has acquired scrubber technology based on Kebizuta bottoms from LKW Teknik AB. In a Kebizuta scrubber, the gas is purified in bubbling liquid. In the energy projects Radscan previously have delivered scrubbers to, the purification has been performed on the surface of a random packing body. The advantages of Kebizuta technology are mainly lower clogging risk and are therefore used in particularly challenging purification applications.

Due to increased demand from our customers we have added a new person to our sales team. We are happy to welcome Emma Nynäs to Radscan. Emma has studied chemical engineering at Åbo Akademi and is finno-swedish.

Borlänge Energi has had problems with a corroded tube heat exchanger from another supplier and has hired Radscan to exchange it. The exchange will take place in spring 2020.

Umeå Energi has selected Radscan to as consultants make a broad analyse of their plant Dåva 1. The project includes analyse of and recommendations for improvements for e.g. sour scrubber, condensing scrubber and water treatment.

We are proud to present Mikael Nilsson as our newest member in our team, even though he in many ways has felt like one of us for some time now. Mikael comes directly from school where he studied Electronics and Automation and has during his studies done some internships with Radscan. 

Gävle Kraftvärme upgrades their condensate treatment at power plant Johannes to membrane technology and has chosen Radscan as supplier. In the new plant 30 m3/h condensate will be cleaned out of which 22 m3/h will be used as boiler feed water. The new plant will be up and running in the fall 2020.
Today we welcome our new Process Engineer Christian Dahl to Radscan. Christian has a Master of Science degree majoring in energy systems and has previously worked as machine operator at GKN. It is with great pleasure we welcome Christian to Radscan.
We strengthen our Project Management team with Nicklas Zakrisson. Nicklas has a background as Project Manager consultant in nuclear power and bio power. His last assignment was with ÅF at Mälarenergi. With his structured way of working and high energy level we know that Nicklas will be a strong contribution to our company.
Radscan has today signed contract for Flue gas condensation and waste water treatment to existing Boiler 4 at Sörbyverket. The plant will be built and commissioned during 2019. Picture below shows CEO Lena Svensk from Mjölby-Svartådalen Energi AB and General Manager Helena Roos from Radscan AB signing the contract.

As it was time to renew our certification of our management system according to ISO 9001, 14001 and 18001, Radscan is now certified according to the new versions of the standards. The main changes compared to the old versions is increased focus on leadership, risk management and market intelligence.