1976 - Radscan AB was established by Jacob Weitman in connection with the first energy crisis in the 70’s with focus on industrial energy sector and environmental management.

1988 - Gunnar Råbe started “on his own” and formed Råbe Industriteknik AB in Enköping.

1997 - The company was still only 8 people and a turnover of 6 million.

1998 - Råbe Industriteknik acquired Radscan AB located in Nykoping.

1999 - Sture Leandersson joined and formed Råbe Industrikonsult. Radscan AB merged with the development company Fagersta Intervex AB - a 3-man company. The group became 17 people with headquarters in Västerås. Radscan Intervex started with flue gas condensation to become the market leader in 4 years.

2001 - Råbe Industrikonsult became active in the field of nuclear energy by taking over seven specialists. Group have grown to 37 people. Milan Teppler joined Radscan.

2002 - The first condensate purification with membrane technology was put into operation at Åbyverket in Örebro.

2003 - The manufacturing unit in Nykoping was established under Radscan Industries name. The group was further expanded by acquiring a bankrupt workshop and creating Råbe Tooling. Radscan Intervex Polska Sp.z o.o. was established in Warsaw.

2007 - The number of employees within the group reached 100.

2008 - Swedish Prime Minister Reinfeldt visited Radscan in Nyköping. Radscan received environmental award in Västerås.

2009 - Tomas Börgesson became the CEO of Radscan Intervex AB.

2010 - Råbe Industrikonsult was sold to Rejlers Ingenjörer.

2011 - Radscan Industries was closed down and converted into Radscan Industriservice. Radscan participates as a speaker at Symbio City Conference in Warsaw, which was inaugurated by Swedish King Carl XVI Gustav.

2011 - Radscan moved to Ängsgärdgatan 13 in Västerås.

2013 - Radscan is certified according to ISO 9001:2008, ISO 14001:2004 and OHSAS 18001:2007
2016 - Radscan acquires M. E. Solutions AB.

2020 - Helena Roos becomes CEO for Radscan AB, Radscan Intervex AB och Radscan Industriservice AB

2020 - After four years of strong growth M. E. Solutions AB is sold to Instalco.