Gunnar Råbe, 1953
Gunnar is the executive director and also the founder of the sister Råbe Industrikonsult. He has worked 30 years as a designer, project manager and construction manager, mainly in the field of environmental and energy technologies.

Jonas Bergman, 1962
Civil-, mechanical- and process engineer. He has worked with flue gas condensation and condensate purification for over 25 years. Jonas has a huge working capacity and today he works with both process engineering and sales.

Helena Roos, 1979
Civil engineer and CEO for Radscan. Helena was formerly a process engineer and a project leader at Radscan. Company management graduate at Nercia.

Peder Brännvall, 1967
Civil engineer. Peder has a long experience from Mälarenergi and he joined Radscan in year 2000 as a project leader. He has a solid competence and experience in water treatment and since 2011 he is leading Radscan Industriservice.