Radscan Intervex technology - More green heat, clean water and air in Bialystok

We are proud to announce that on the February 23, 2015 the first in Poland flue gas condensation plant was officially put into operation. Many fine guests arrived for this occasion including representatives of the Investor, Contractor, as well as representatives of the Polish government and the Swedish Department of Environmental Protection and the Swedish Embassy. The Ambassador of Sweden for. Ecology Jan Olsson, drew attention to the increasing cooperation between Polish and Swedish actors within environmental protection industry, "Joint project of ENEA and Radscan Intervex in Białystok is a big success. Proves that a good technology and consistence is a successful combination, as well as a valuable lesson of doing business together, "- he said. During the symposium, the Chairman of the Board of ENEA Wytwarzanie Krzysztof Sadowski stressed that it was the first such plant in Poland built on an industrial scale: "We built it based on the experience of our partners from Sweden. The technology allows to increase the production of heat from biomass boiler without additional fuel consumption. By investing in a modern heat recovery system, ENEA production significantly reduced air emissions, while increasing the overall efficiency of the power plant. " It is worth mentioning that the entire project was completed according to schedule, with positive results concerning guaranteed performance, providing an increase in production efficiency and energy efficiency of the entire system. "For many years we are striving for success, which we in part owe to the experience gained in nearly 100 completed projects. We have already noticed that  this project aroused a lot of interest in Poland and neighbouring countries, in all plants that run on wet fuels such as biomass and municipal waste"- said Andrzej Nowicki, Radscan Intervex Poland Sp. z o.o. CEO. "... this is hardly surprising if one looks at an accomplished technical and economic parameters. Because the 80MW biomass boiler gets another 20-25 MW of heat otherwise wasted. This amount of recovered heat is equal to the entire heating needs of the town Łęczyca and a half of 30 000 inhabitants – Mława. The entire investment payback time is only 2.5 years "- he added.

Input technological parameters:
- The power                                                                80 MW boiler
- The return flow temperature of                      48 ° C
- Exhaust humidity                                                  22%
- Dry exhaust gas flow rate                                  130 000 Nm3 / h
- Run time                                                                   5 730 hours

Heat recovery
- Guaranteed recovery                                          18.69 MW
- Maximum recovery                                              25.4 MW
- The amount of recovered energy                  107 000 MWh

Purified condensate recovery - membrane technology
- 13 m3 / h - clean water

Economic data
- Total inwestment PLN                                       27.7 million
- Revenue per year                                                 11,6 million PLN
- SPBT                                                                          2.5 years