In July 2007 a contract was signed with Söderenergi AB for delivery of a complete flue gas condensation plant to the new boiler at Igelsta Combined Heat and Power plant. The boiler is fired with biomass of various types and has a capacity of about 240 MW of heat and electricity. The condensation gives an additional impressive 80MW in favourable operating conditions. The large heat recovery was made ​​possible by Radscan technology with pre-heating of combustion air which effectively squeezes out the last energy from the flue gases before they are emitted into the atmosphere.

The delivery consists of condensers, rotary pre-heater, stack and condensate treatment plant with Micro Filtration, Ultra Filtration, Reversed Osmosis, Electro Deioniser and ammonia removal (NH4). The delivery also includes boiler make-up water purification.