127_2744 127_2781 128_2807 22233_10_2006-10-09 Här ser vi underdelarna för kondesorerna. Dessa är tillverkade i glasfiberarmerad plast (GAP). Här skall kondensatet samlas upp 22233_35_2007-04-04 Fjärrvärmerören kylare installerade 061130 P6200068 P6200145 PICT1508 PICT1715 Ställverk2

In March 2006 a contract was signed with Oulun Energia to supply a complete flue gas condensation plant for a boiler Topplia II. The boiler is fired with peat and has a capacity of 280MW and continuously delivers 50MW from condensation to the district heating network.

The delivery consists of two parallel condensers due to the large flue gas flow, and a complete condensate treatment with MF, UF and RO. The project was taken over by the customer in May 2007.